The Clock / Dock / Bluetooth Question

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The Clock / Dock / Bluetooth Question

Clock radios are a staple of hotel rooms. But these days, they usually pull double duty as a broadcast unit for the music guests have on their phones.

Since guests now carry their own music with them and don’t rely on the local radio stations so much, they expect to be able to play their music in the room.

Grizzled road warriors (and probably most millennials) bring their own Bluetooth speakers, but more casual guests frequently end up relying on what you provide. It’s pretty much expected at hotels above a certain level that the electric clock will be Bluetooth-capable.

Some hoteliers provide electric alarm clocks with radios and an iPhone dock, and sit back pleased with themselves that they’re keeping up with the times. Unfortunately, they may be fooling themselves.

It’s worth setting a functioning clock-radio as the floor for what you’ll put in the room. The price difference between electric clocks with radios and ones with just alarms is minimal, and the small extra expense is worth saving those complaints.

But guests will be most impressed and grateful for either an iPhone dock on the electric alarm clock in the room, or a Bluetooth-capable unit.

Naturally you’ll put a digital clock in the room, as the ability to read analog clocks is, somewhat disconcertingly, not as common as it once was.

Bluetooth-capable clocks, instead of docks, are your best bet, since guests have differently-sized phones, and with docks, one size does not fit all. Few guests carry dock adapters to resize the dock to fit their phone, but all phones can work smoothly with Bluetooth.

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