Handy Tips For Cleaning Your Kitchen

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Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Cleaning your kitchen can be made simpler by following some easy day to day tips

  • Wash your cutting boards: Cutting boards are one of the areas which harbour most germs in a kitchen Paradise Supplies recommends using a diluted chlorine bleach solution such as White Angel followed by rinsing well with hot water.
  • Clean your refrigerator: Start by removing all items from one shelf and clean the shelf with a damp cloth. If your shelves are very sticky, you may need to wash them with a good dishwashing liquid. Wipe off each bottle or container before putting it back. Pay attention to your fridge seals, hot soapy water can be used on a regular basis, but if you have problems such as mould we recommend Silicon Advance Cleaner (which can also be used in your shower!)
  • Clean cabinet faces: This is where your microfiber cloth might be a good choice. If that's not enough by itself try Virucide or Express Sani (both available at $5.00 per litre from the Paradise Supplies showroom)
  • Clean your microwave: First, soften hard debris inside the microwave by placing a cup full of water or a wet cloth inside and running it for a minute. The steam will soften stuck-on food and make it easier to clean. Remove the microwave plate and soak it in warm, soapy water. Wash and dry it. Wipe the microwave inside and out using a multi-purpose cleaner such as Express Sani or a diluted bleach
  • Clean your sink: Shine Glass and Chrome Cleaner is useful for cleaning your stainless steel sink. Alternatives if you prefer a crème cleanser are Blitz or Dash.  Just make sure to rinse the sink well, especially after using anything containing bleach. If you leave it on it can discolour or damage sink surfaces.
  • Perform a final wipe: Wipe down the entire counter-top before you put objects such as mixers, coffee makers back in their places. Be sure to wipe them down as well.
  • Clean the floors: Come in with your broom and clean up any debris, then use your damp mop, we recommend Virucide . Back out of the kitchen as you mop to avoid footprints.


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