Waxworks Citronella Coil Incense Diffuser

  • $33.50

  • Includes BONUS 12 pack citronella incense coils
  • Contains citronella and sandalwood essential oils - nature's weapon against mozzies!
  • Up to 7 hours burn time each coil
  • Be Patient - Separate coils slowly and gently, to ensure they don't break. Made from natural materials.
  • Includes lid, coil spike, carry handle
Beat the mozzies this summer with Waxworks.

Waxworks offers safe, natural protection, products which also add a warm ambience to outdoor entertaining.

Decorative die cut metal diffuser safely disperses citronella incense coil smoke evenly, for up to 7 hours, keeps coils alight for longer.

Less mess with a diffuser, coil ash is easily contained.