SEKO Automatic Laundry Dual Pump GPL18L18W2000

SEKO Automatic Laundry Dual Pump GPL18L18W2000

  • $828.00

SEKO OPL Basic LL Dual Pump GPL18L18W2000


SEKO Automated Laundry Pump Dual

Seko’s OPLBASIC LL laundry pump offers a compact, timed dosing system that can dispense one or two liquid chemicals into laundry machines.

Chemical feed is triggered with a signal from the washer or manually activated by pressing the membrane switch on the dispenser. An optional remote switch is available.

This product requires professional installation and scheduled maintenance to ensure accurate chemical delivery, a service which Paradise Supplies will co-ordinate for you with the trained installers at Paradise Plumbing and Gas.

Product Details:

Dosing system with double peristaltic pumps
Power supply: 115/208/230 Vac. Consumption: 9 W.
Dimensions: 10.7″ x D 3.1″ x H 6.6″. Weight 4.41 lbs.