ProQ Flat Dog including Bonus Carry Bag

  • $195.00

The ProQ Flatdog is the ultimate fold-flat portable charcoal bbq! It’s re-usable, high quality and best of all... it works really well!

Collapsible & compact, the Flatdog takes up minimal space and packs down as thin as a laptop (25mm) - the perfect travel BBQ.

The Flatdog features the biggest cooking area of any compact portable barbecue on the market. The sizeable 30cm x 38cm grill has ample space to cook for up to 12 people.

Ideal for camping, caravanning, hiking or a trip to the beach, the ProQ Flatdog is the eco-conscious alternative to single-use disposable BBQs.

Comes with heavy duty carry bag as standard


  • This grill unfolds and is ready to cook almost instantly. No assembly, no faff.
  • The Flat-Dog BBQ and cooking grates are made from easy-to-clean, high quality stainless steel for durability and rust resistance.
  • The Flat Dog is re-usable and built-to-last.

How easy is it use - check out this video!