Phoric 675 5L

Phoric 675 5L

  • $74.98

Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner/Sanitiser
PHORIC 675 is a heavy-duty phosphoric based low-foaming acid/detergent/sanitiser for use in CIP applications for the removal of dissolved solids and alkaline residues such as in heavy duty descaling. PHORIC 675 also removes surface rusting from ferrous metals and protects against subsequent re-rusting.

This blended acid formulation includes powerful chelating agents that have a synergistic effect with acid based formulations to quickly remove calcium, magnesium and other mineral deposits and keep them in solution for easy rinsing.


  • Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
  • Fragrance: No fragrance
  • Specific gravity: 1.37
  • pH: 2.0 (1% w/v solution)
  • De-scaling
  • Rust removal
  • pH balancing agent