Lytworx Multicolour Frosted Solar Festoon Lights - 20 Pack

  • $81.31

  • Lit length: 5.7m
  • 20 pack of Multicolour bulbs
  • Solar-powered
  • 8 lighting modes & Memory Hold
Lytworx Multicolour LED Party Festoons brighten up any outdoor area with a vibrant flourish of multi-coloured light. Illuminate your garden, trees, balcony, open-air venue, campsite, or outdoor entertaining area with Lytworx.

This unit is solar-powered, requiring only the included panel to charge an entire row of brilliant multicoloured lights. They automatically recharge during daylight hours and last up to 6 hours on a full charge, making them an energy and cost-efficient addition to any outdoor space.

With a 5.7m lit length, easily drape your lights across balconies, trees, and bushes - the design possibilities are endless.

Combining the stylish design of colour-frosted bulbs with LED technology, these lights are a cost-efficient, energy-conscious, and inviting addition to your very own outdoor space. Light up your life today with Lytworx multicolour LED Festoon Party lights.