Lytworx 600 LED White Connectable Curtain Lights

Lytworx 600 LED White Connectable Curtain Lights

  • $106.90

  • 8 function modes
  • 1.33 x 1.45m size
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Connectable up to 3 sets using 1 transformer
The Connectable Curtain Light set from Lytworx is specially designed to provide well-balanced ambient light with 600 white LEDs. With Lytworx, setting up is simple, just plug in and light up your space with the included low-voltage transformer.

Seamlessly provide well-balanced illumination to both indoor and outdoor spaces by stringing your set onto fences, trees, gardens, bedframes, doorways, and more. Simply turn on the lights to provide a long-lasting lighting experience to virtually any environment.

Offering extensive customisability options, these lights can connect with up to 3 sets on a single transformer. With a curtain dimension of 1.45m by 1.33m, the Lytworx connectable Curtain Light set gives you the freedom to explore an expansive range of lighting options to compliment any space and any mood.

Choose from 8 unique lighting function modes and set your lights to match your own customised preference. Streamlined for convenience and ease, control your lights with the click of a button.