BORN Weed Killer 4L

BORN Weed Killer 4L

  • $82.11

BORN Weed killer is formulated in low toxicity that can carry out the effectiveness in most conditions.  We believe it is time for New Zealanders to be environmental friendly when it comes to solving annoying weeds. The fast result can be seen without much effort, simply spray under the sunlight and the weed will be killed within 3 hours! This product is formulated with low toxic ingredients, biodegradable and non-glyphosate.



  • Use on weeds and grasses.

  • Shake well before use.

  • Liberally spray onto affected areas, making sure all are well covered.

  • For best results,  applied under direct sunlight.

  • Allow the product works its way down to the roots of weeds/grasses.


INGREDIENTS: Biosafe contains Dowanot and blended surfactants.

Phosphate-free & low pH level.