Kemsol Sani Care 5L

Kemsol Sani Care 5L

  • $57.21


Ceramic and Stainless Steel Acid Cleaner

Light acid-type cleaner sanitiser, ideal for ceramic tiles and stainless steel bathroom areas. Removes salt encrustations in toilets and urinals without causing bloom. Disinfects as it cleans.

For most descaling and heavy cleaning applications use undiluted through a spray or suitable applicator bottle. Spray on surfaces, leave for 5 minutes, then agitate with a stiff brush, if required, before rinsing with potable water.

Under Good Practice Protocol based on accepted international research undiluted solution of this product is recommended with liberal application on clean hard surfaces with a minimum contact time of 10 minutes. At this concentration the product provides 5000PM QAC.

MPI APPROVED C31 (All animal product except dairy)