Kemsol Hotstuff Hotplate Cleaner 1L

Kemsol Hotstuff Hotplate Cleaner 1L

  • $29.38

Hotstuff is a ready-to-use cleaner for hot plates, griddles, cooking irons and food presses to remove carbon and burnt on food, greases and oils. Because of it’s non-caustic and no-rinse features, Hotstuff offers significant health and safety advantages over products traditionally used for cleaning steel and stainless surfaces.

Features & Benefits

Ready-to-use: easier to prepare and apply
No need to rinse: quick cleaning
Non caustic: safer to use powerful solution for greater economy


1. Using a cooking scraper remove loose heavy soiling, before using Hotstuff.
2. Make sure the hot plate is kept at or heated to 180C (350F).
3. On large hot plates, it is best to clean one section at a time.
4. Dispense from a correctly labelled squirt bottle with a flip cap. Use a sweeping motion to apply a liberal amount of Hotstuff onto the hot surfaces.
5. Use a steel cooking scraper or blade to distribute the product evenly over the griddle or hot plate surface.
6. Allow Hotstuff to bubble (activate) and continue to scrape surface.
7. It is recommended to use a Griddle Pad (with correct holder) on heavily burnt on/soiled surfaces.
8. After 1-2 minutes scrape surfaces clean.
9. The addition of white vinegar or lemon juice may assist in removing final residues.
10. Use a wet or damp cloth to wipe clean to finish.
11. Surfaces DO NOT need to be rinsed before cooking.
12.Regularly empty plate containment.