Refill Enviro Brite 1L with Spray Bottle (Ready to Use)

Refill Enviro Brite 1L with Spray Bottle (Ready to Use)

  • $17.25

Already Diluted Ready To Use

ENVIRO BRITE contains a powerful gel formula that cuts right through rust, hard water & even stubborn material deposits. It is completely safe for use with septic systems. Enjoy brilliant results when you need a deep clean above and below the waterline. The powerful disinfectant formula clings to the bowl to attack germs and stains, helping to eliminate unpleasant odours. ENVIRO BRITE is also great for whitening porcelain toilet bowls.

  • Non Hazardous, Non Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Friendly to the environment.

  • Used extensively as a cleaner and scale remover in bathrooms and toilets

  • Safe on all metals, plastics, porcelain surfaces encountered and stone bench tops

  • All surfactants made from vegetable origin and renewable resources