Emperor Foil Aluminium Catering 440mm x 90m

Emperor Foil Aluminium Catering 440mm x 90m

  • $56.93

Emperor aluminum foil is a high-quality product, designed to provide a higher resistance to punctures and tears. This makes it great for covering and transporting larger surface pans and trays, as well as covering and lining hot cooking surfaces.

Packaged in a convenient cutter-box dispenser, you can quickly and easily pull out the desired amount of foil and tear off by gently pulling down across the teeth of the blade (making daily prep and clean-up a breeze).

Aluminium foil can also be recycled if cleaned prior to disposal. Used for a broad range of catering requirements and general kitchen applications. Standard thickness and flexibility. High puncture and tear-resistance. Oven safe. Line baking sheets and ovens, cover grills and grill grates. Convenient cutter-box design for easy use.

Emperor Foil Aluminium Catering Foil 440mm x 90metre. Premium quailty aluminium caters foil in a box with cutter . Each roll is 90 metres long and 440mm wide