Bio Multi: Bathroom & Janitorial 5L

Bio Multi: Bathroom & Janitorial 5L

  • $106.40

All-purpose hard surface cleaner with a robust bio-enzymatic formula to keep surfaces clean and odour-free. Perfect for the bathroom and the kitchen and most hard surfaces

Keeps areas clean and odour-free

Keeps on working after application

Less work required

Harnessing the power of nature

Naturally biodegradable



Wet floor mopping: dilute to 2.5% solution (1:40, 25ml or 5tsp per litre) with cold or warm fresh tap water and mop floors. Do not rinse, allow diluted product to sit for extended periods. Heavily soiled areas will require agitation to help break down the soiling.

Hard surface/spray & wipe cleaning: dilute to a 5% solution (1:20, 50ml or 1/5 cup per litre) with warm or cold fresh tap water and use a spray cleaner (with foaming spray head) for cleaning surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and any other area where organic soiling accumulates. Spray and leave on stained grout. Thoroughly rinse all food contact areas before use.

Odour neutralising: dilute to a 10% solution (1:9, 100ml or 2/5 cup to 1 litre) and use a foaming spray head to apply to waste bins to reduce odours and to breakdown soiling before deep cleaning. Once rinsed the bins can be foam-sprayed again and put back into service. This will help reduce odours during future use.

Toilet maintenance: dose 50ml (undiluted) directly to toilet bowl and flush daily to also assist maintain healthy septic systems. A 500ml /shock dose/ (1/2 litre, 2 cups) may be required for odorous or blocked septic systems. Repeat for 4 days and then apply 50ml (1/5 cup) daily maintenance dose.