Bio Fresh Urine Go: Stain & Odour Removal 5L

Bio Fresh Urine Go: Stain & Odour Removal 5L

  • $83.38

Bio-enzymatic green cleaning solution for carpets, flooring, wood, tiles, grout lines, synthetic turf and fabric, suitable for pet areas, urinals and aged care.

Removes urine stains & odours

Naturally biodegradable

De-stains surfaces

Less work required

Harnessing the power of natural bio-enzymes



Bio-Urine Go is ready-to-use. Do not dilute.

First, determine the cause of the stain - ensure it is from a natural/organic source such as body-soiling, or food, fruit juice, vegetable oils, starches.

Spray the stain directly with a foam-spray head (undiluted) and allow 10-15 minutes to work, gently working into the area to ensure the formulation gets to as much soiling as possible and works its way into all stained areas.

Pat out with a damp clean sponge after 10-15 mins. Check results when dry, repeat if required or finish using an extraction carpet machine.