Kemsol Express Sani 20L

Kemsol Express Sani 20L

  • $147.20

Detergent / Sanitise
EXPRESS SANI is a non fragranced specialist food industry cleaning detergent santiser / disinfectant which cleans and sanitises at the same time. It is suitable for the cleaning and sanitising of all food processing areas and machines. It is also ideal as an antibacterial spray n̥ wipe type cleaner. 

Make cleaning and sanitising simple in one easy step with Express Sani. Effective on all types of soiling, sanitising as it cleans and recommended where a single product is required for cleaning and sanitising food handling or processing areas.

Septic Tank Safe when used as directed

Appearance: Clear purple liquid
Fragrance: No fragrance
Specific gravity: 1.01
pH: 12.7 (100%)
Microcide: 125ppm ADBAC (@1% soln)

General multi purpose cleaner/sanitiser
Floor/wall cleaning
Spray and wipe
Equipment cleaning Manual commercial kitchen cleaning