Kemsol Stain Solve Laundry Spotter 5L

Kemsol Stain Solve Laundry Spotter 5L

  • $148.93

Solvent Laundry Spotter Treatment
STAIN-SOLVE is a ready-to-use spray laundry prewash or post-wash stain remover. Spray directly onto carbon, oil, grease, fats, lip-stick, shoe polish and other petroleum based soiling.

STAIN-SOLVE utilises the latest in solvent technology to deliver an effective spray-n-wash type stain remover for a wide range of oil and grease stains and difficult-to-remove ink and pen marks. Simple and easy to use.

Appearance: Clear colourless liquid
Fragrance: Solvent
Specific gravity: 0.818
pH: n/a

Laundry pre-wash
Laundry post-wash
Petroleum based soiling