Stoneware Cocotte Black

  • $19.00


Bake, serve, store, and create all in one versatile dish.

  • Make your friends and family feel special with great individual servings
  • Go from oven to table in the same dish
  • Get supreme versatility - oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe
  • Prepare amazing individual servings of pot pies, soups desserts and more
  • Constructed from quality porcelain stoneware for an even heat and great results

Create memorable meals for friends and family alike with the Liberty Stoneware Cocotte. This unique kitchen accessory is great for serving, storing, and baking all in one versatile dish. Bake delicious pot pies, desserts and more. Best of all you’ll be serving them straight from the oven to the table, presented as cute, thoughtful, individual servings.

Made from quality porcelain stoneware that conducts heat evenly for the best possible bake every time. Plus, the super smooth surface is easy to clean and resists sticking, so cleaning up will be a breeze. And the Liberty Stoneware Cocotte is oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator safe. It’s the ultimate in versatile cookware!


Material: Porcelain stoneware

Size: 13x8cm

Capacity: 290ml


These cocottes are great from oven to table to refrigerator – however, never take the dish from oven to fridge directly. Allow to cool completely before refrigerating. Putting a hot dish to a cold fridge will cause the dish to crack.