Russell Hobbs Turbo Rice Cooker 10 Cups

  • $110.00

Make fluffy, delicious rice in the nick of time with the Russell Hobbs Turbo Rice Cooker in matte black. Whether you’re making a simple rice side dish for dinner, or batch cooking for a bigger party, the Turbo Rice Cooker makes it incredibly simple and fast. The 30% Faster Cooking Technology* regulates the cooking temperature automatically, cooking your rice to perfection faster. The large volume bowl can cook up to 20 cups of rice. Simply follow the instructions and enjoy consistent results every time. Designed for everyday use, the rice cooker is easy to clean and care for. The non-stick coated bowl is dishwasher safe. A spatula and measuring cup are included, for optimal measuring and cooking with each use.

Cook and auto keep warm settings

  • Delicious, fluffy rice at the ready, no need for re-heating when mealtime come around

Cooks rice 30% faster*

  •  Allows you to produce perfect rice, more quickly, saving you time to focus on other food prep*

Large non-stick cooking bowl

  • Allows for quick and easy clean up, saving you time and limiting mess

Includes steam basket, measuring cup & spoon

  •  The steam function provides additional versatility, from steaming vegetables, fish and protein to your favourite Asian cuisines