No 2 Gemini Dual Probe Thermometer by Pure Q

  • $70.00

Now Available at Uncle Tom's BBQ Shop.

We’ve got a step above from our much loved “SOLO” Meat thermometer with the NEW No2 ‘Gemini”‘ Dual probe thermometer.

Giving you an additional corded probe on top of our iconic fold-out probe, so you can constantly measure the temperature as it cooks.

Let’s get Technical:

  • Accuracy +/- 0.1C
  • Auto on and off with inactivity
  • Customizable Temperature Alarm
  • Food Safety 304 Stainless Steel
  • Eco-Friendly ABS Plastic
  • Internal Magnet for mounting
  • Backlight function
  • Power source: 3V Button Battery (included in box)
  • Measuring Range: -50C to 300C

FDA Certified so you get everything you want in your food, and nothing you don’t.