Laser Blaster Game Gun - 4 pack Gun Kit

  • $184.00


Set phasers to fun, blasting your friends with the Laser Blaster Game Gun! 
Hours of Fun!
This set of 4 blasters is everything you need for a heart-pumping game of laser tag. The blaster has a max strike distance of 130 feet and a built-in infrared receiver to register hits so there’s no need to wear a vest – just aim for the opponent’s blaster!
Multi-Functional Blasters
Three lights on each blaster display a max of 9 health points (1 light = 3 health). Switch between 4 gun settings – pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, and missile launcher – to defeat opponents, and simply tap the back of the blaster to reload when you run out of ammo!
Safe for Play
Laser Tag Blaster Set meets ASTM F963-16 safety standards and is a certified class 1 laser toy product with less than 1mW of laser output, meaning that it’s safe for recreational use and suitable for everyone from children to grandparents.
Customized Games
With numerous customizable game settings, every laser tag game will feel new! Customize the amount of ammo per blaster, health points each player has, number of teams, and the type of game you play - whether to play with teams or a traditional free-for-all.
Team Up With Multiplayer Mode
Kids and adults can battle a friend or build alliances with the multiplayer mode
Choose Your Weapon!
4 blaster settings feature different ammunition levels and number of possible hits- enjoy changing the settings during battle and reload!
Health Points Indicator
3 lights indicate how many lives you have left with each player given 9 lives (1 light= 3 lives) for each battle
Long Range Target Sensor
An infrared receiver tracks and registers hits with a max strike distance of 40 meters- perfect for indoor and outdoor parties!

  • Battle friends or team up with the multi-player mode
  • Choose from 4 blaster settings
  • 3 lights indicates how many lives you have left
  • An infrared receiver tracks hits
  • Safe fun – exercise for the little ones
  • Powered by 4 x AA Batteries per gun (Not supplied)
  • Stealth Attack Laser Tag Blaster Gun Kit w Carry Case - 4pk
  • Recommended for ages: 8+ years
  • Overall Dimensions – per gun (LxWxH): 12 x 2 x 7”