Healthy Choice 10L Air Fryer

  • $260.00

Air fryers! So easy to use, so popular, and so many recipes. You’ll be frying up a storm with this 10L Multifunction Air Fryer – chips, veges, desserts – you name it! You can even cook an entire chicken!

You’ll never want to stop raving about your air fryer once you experience their delicious, efficient and crispy creations.


• Cutting-edge ‘turbo air’ technology cooks your food with minimum oil, while still providing maximum taste

• Simply add your ingredients into its huge 10 litre capacity and wait as the air fryer circulates ‘superheated’ air up to 230 degrees Celsius

• Watch as your food grills, roasts, fries or bakes its way to perfection behind our secure, glass viewing window

• Separate temperature and time controls

• Accessories included: baking cage, rack, tongs and rotisserie


• Features: Non-stick coating, manual controls and four accessories – baking cage, rack, tongs and chicken rotisserie

• Power: 1300 Watts

• Internal Temperature: 230 Degrees Celsius (Maximum)

• Capacity: 10L

• Measurements: 41.3cm x 35cm x 31.8cm

• Weight: 5.95kgs