Cement Kettle Bells 6KG

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Get the gains you’re after with one of the world’s most effective tools.


  • Slightly textured handle for a confident grip
  • Flat bottom to rest perfectly on your gym floor
  • Ergonomic handle can accommodate two hands for swings
  • Adds something new to your workout routine
  • Look great, feel better for overall well-being


Leading a better, healthier, longer life, while increasing your self-confidence should be an enjoyable experience. That adrenaline kick, that dopamine buzz. There’s nothing better! Whether it’s smashing out a burst of cardio or working on those guns, the journey is just as important as the destination.


It’s also about whatever works for you; catering to YOUR lifestyle. Whether it’s hauling yourself out of bed on those cold mornings before the commute, fitting in a quick workout at lunch or between meetings, or taking out your stresses at the end of the workday. Your life, your rules.


3SIXFIVE shares your passion and dedication for self-improvement, and truly believes in the holistic value of health and fitness. Because of this, they’ve curated a range of essentials to help you achieve your goals. Each and every one of us is a unique individual, so 3SIXFIVE have developed a range wide enough for you to personalise your own regime. This dynamic equipment is no nonsense, comfortable and easy to use, and designed with safety in mind.

Suitable for both men and women of all ages, kettlebells are one of the most effective methods for massive gains in strength, speed, and endurance. Kettlebells are also ideal for tone up, weight loss and improving your fitness. The 3SixFive range of kettlebells sport an ergonomic handle which can accommodate both hands for swings. The handles also feature a slight texturing for a confident grip, while the flat bottom prevents wobbles when resting.

Let’s focus on your results! 


Material: PE; Cement; Iron Sand

Weight: 6Kg



Weight: 1.1KG